Nursing Home Care/Geriatrics Specialist

Michael G. Neret, MD

Family Medicine located in Bay City, TX

More than 50 million adults in the United State are 65 and over. While advances in medical care have lengthened lifespan, the aging population requires specialized medical care for the management of their sometimes extensive and complicated health needs. Board-certified family medicine physician, Michael Neret, MD, specializes in geriatrics and even provides nursing home care for those patients who need ongoing medical monitoring and care. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Neret and his team, call the office in Bay City, Texas, or click the online booking feature today.

Nursing Home Care/Geriatrics Q & A

Geriatrics is a specialized area of medicine focused on providing expert medical care to the aging population. Dr. Neret is a family-medicine physician who has spent a better part of his medical career taking care of the elderly. His geriatric experience includes the older patients he cares for at his office, as well as his patients that reside in nursing homes. 

What are the benefits of geriatrics?

Working with a geriatric specialist like Dr. Neret offers many benefits and helps ensure you or your loved one gets the best medical care possible to manage current health needs and any underlying health issues or diseases. 

As you get older your health needs change due to physical changes that occur in your body. You’re also more likely to suffer from more than one chronic health condition that may require multiple medications and/or consultations with various specialists. Without one physician managing all of your health needs, it’s possible that treatment for one condition may cancel out treatment for another. Or worse, may put your health or life at risk. 

Because Dr. Neret is a geriatric specialist, he sees the big picture and can monitor all the care and treatments you’re getting, adust treatments as needed, communicate with your specialists, and act as your health care advocate. He also ensures that you’re getting the care you need to improve health, not harm it. 

What is nursing home care?

Dr. Neret also provides medical services to those patients in nursing homes who can’t come to his office. His nursing home care includes regular visits at the nursing to monitor overall health and manage any acute health care needs.

He also serves as a medical advocate for his nursing home patients, ensuring they’re getting the services they need to maintain as much independence as possible to maximize quality of life.

Health needs change as you get older and it’s important to have a physician who can oversee your general health, as well as help you manage any chronic health conditions. For expert medical care from a compassionate physician, call Dr. Neret’s office today or click the online booking button.